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Who We Are

OluShola (“Shola”) Adewumi Amos, Psy.D.

Psychotherapist & Holistic Wellness Retreat Coordinator

Dr. OluShola Adewumi Amos is a Jamaican-Nigerian descendant and Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Her passions include relationship counseling, intergenerational healing, and holistic wellness. In her current therapy work, she uses an integrative approach to guide her clients into their core selves to bring about lasting change.

Also known as “Dr. Shola”, she identifies as a lifelong energy healer who creates safe, collective healing spaces, particularly for Indigenous and Diasporan persons and communities. Furthermore, she has received training in transformational life coaching, Gottman couples therapy, and complex trauma and PTSD.

Dr. Shola comes from a maternal line of healers, root workers, educators, and businesswomen. Similarly, her royal, paternal bloodline is rich with birth midwives, healers, community leaders, and philanthropists. This ancestral foundation has allowed Dr. Shola to embrace psychology, spirituality, and the healing arts with purpose. In her holistic consultation work, she compassionately pushes individuals and couples to break away from living out the expectations of others and to get in tune with their minds, bodies, and spirit.

“I believe in the Zulu philosophy of “Ubuntu” – I am because you are. 

Dr. Shola is also a certified 200-HR Yoga Instructor and is familiar with Kemetic yoga. In addition, she is a burgeoning author and speaker and often draws inspiration from her lived experiences. She is zealous about supporting people and communities in claiming their authentic, soul-aligned existence so that all of our light can shine.  

Alleria Stanley

Certified Transformational Life Coach & Trainer

Alleria Stanley (she/her) is a certified Transformational Life Coach dedicated to helping others to achieve their authentic self. Being transgender and a lesbian, she knows well what it is been like to live in the closet. She also understands the value of transformation, and enjoys teaching and coaching others through many life transitions, including gender, relationships, parenting, job/career transition, and life-work balance.

Alleria brings over 20+ years of professional experience into her coaching role. Whether as a former corporate manager, or as one of the first transgender servicemembers to transition while on active duty and serve through retirement, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experiences about leadership, service, and talent management.

“One of the worst feelings is to believe that ‘no one knows what it’s like to go through what I’m going through.’ I look forward to sharing your path to authenticity and comfort.”

A talented public speaker, Alleria has appeared in many media features, interviews, and discussion panels. She serves on two boards of directors for non-profit organizations supporting transgender servicemembers and veterans. She has a leading support role in an organization that supports LGBTQ+ children in military families. Ms. Stanley holds a Top Secret – SCI clearance, and is well-equipped to support those in sensitive work environments.

She is a mother to five sexuality- and gender-diverse children and a combat veteran. From the parent-teacher conference, to the airfield, to the medical clinic, her great desire is to help others, especially those from LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented communities. She is a widow and a survivor in her own right.

Barbara J Brown

Barbara J Brown, Ph. D.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Brown is a seasoned psychologist and business owner who has developed an Executive Coaching practice to assist business owners and executives to create a life they love. Born out of experience and training, Dr. Brown believes that investing in the creation and implementation of one’s life vision re-shapes one’s personal life and business practices. The resulting shift in perspective, habits, and use of time is transformative.

Dr. Brown is the Founder and Owner of Unicorn Health Care, LLC (Unicorn) which was launched in 2022 as the sister organization of her other company, Capitol Hill Consortium for Counseling & Consultation, LLC (CCCC) which was established in 2009. CCCC was founded as a private group mental health practice to provide accessible health care for all ages through public and private health insurance. The core principle of Unicorn is also accessibility. It was founded to serve individuals, groups, and organizations that require a higher level of discretion and those who require non-traditional mental health interventions. Unicorn is a boutique practice designed to be flexible and agile to meet the evolving needs of those we engage.

Dr. Brown is a licensed psychologist who completed undergraduate work at Wellesley College double majoring in Psychology and Sociology and completed her master’s and doctoral degrees in Clinical/Community Psychology from Boston University. Dr. Brown has worked in public and private mental health agencies, hospitals, and universities for over 30 years and has mastery in professional roles such as therapist, clinical supervisor, researcher, author, consultant, speaker, educator, trainer, and business leader. Dr. Brown’s clinical specialties include trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and couples therapy. Dr. Brown’s career has been dedicated to normalizing and elevating the importance of mental health care in the community.

In 2019, Dr. Brown was honored as leading a top 100 Minority Business Enterprise in the Washington, D.C. region and received an Enterprising Women of the Year Award in 2021. In 2022, she was accepted into the Women Business Leaders organization which targets thought leaders in health care. In January 2023, Dr. Brown received the coveted designation as one of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Access Network cohorts. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Boris L. Henson Foundation, the Board of the Episcopal Center for Children, and the Board of the Black Women’s Health Imperative. She intends to continue to grow her companies and leave a legacy to her dedicated staff to continue the mental health improvement of the communities we serve.

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