Our First Retreat Under the Jamaican Sun… And We Can’t Stop Talking About It!

In January 2024, we hosted our very first international holistic wellness retreat in Jamaica! Our retreat attendees were guided through a journey of self-exploration, peeling back layers of themselves that no longer served who they wanted to be. They also were supported in inviting rest and relaxation into their experiences with complimentary massages and moments to pause on an immaculate beach. Daily yoga, breathwork, and stretch practices aided our beloved attendees in activating dormant energy and breathing in a new sense of purpose. What an honor to hold space for changemakers who committed to searching deep for their purpose, while being wrapped in the warmth of the beach and sun. 

Will you join us for the next retreat? Let us help you reimagine what your life can be!

Written by Dr. Shola Adewumi Amos